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An emerging epidemic of narcissism or much ado about nothing?


We evaluated secular increases in narcissism in light of issues raised by Twenge and Foster (2008)
[Twenge and Foster (2008). Mapping the scale of the narcissism epidemic: Increases in narcissism
2002–2007 within ethnic groups. Journal of Research in Personality]. Year of data collection (1996–
2008) and narcissism scores were weakly correlated in a sample of 30,073 participants (rs ranged from
0.019 to 0.044). The effect sizes were well below the conventional threshold for a ‘‘small” effect. Based
on these and previous findings, we concluded that there is little evidence of a secular increase in narcissism
in our datasets.
Dr. Kali Trzesniewski,
Oct 20, 2011, 10:02 AM