We are in the middle of many exciting projects, and every family that participates is important to us!

Two ways you can participate are:
(1) return the consent form and parent surveys that were sent home from your child's school (or fill them out online, see flyer for link)
(2) provide your contact information in the parent survey so we can schedule a lab visit on the UC Davis campus with you and your child

Below is more information about what it's like to come to our lab.

Welcome to the lab!

Upon your arrival, one of our friendly lab members will greet you and give you a short tour of our facility here at the Eichhorn Family House.
Then we will invite you to have a seat in our front room to discuss the study.

Paperwork and Games
A researcher will provide you and your child with a document explaining the purpose of the study and ask if either of you has any questions before beginning. We will walk your child through the procedures briefly while you follow along on your more detailed version. Then we will show you the room your child will be in and invite them to play with a game of their choice.

The researcher will interact with the children as they play so that they are comfortable during the study session. When they are ready to begin, a researcher will lead you to a computer to complete a questionnaire about you and your child. Your child will remain with the researcher, and you can visit each other at any time during the study.

If you have more than one child, we have coloring activities for one child to play with while his/her sibling participates in the study.

Study Sessions
Children’s participation typically involves answering questions to a friendly researcher. One type of question is open-ended, so they get to say whatever comes to mind after hearing the question. Another type involves pointing to the answer (e.g., boxes or smiley faces) on a sheet of paper.
Children participate at their own pace and are encouraged to take breaks when needed. We have juice and snacks if children get hungry or thirsty. A game board is used to track the child’s progress throughout each game. Sessions last about 1.5 hours.

All done! Prizes!
After the completion of the study session children are rewarded for their participation.
Rewards include a toy from a toy box and monetary compensation. 

We are looking for families with children ages 5-13 interested in participating in our research study. If you have any questions about our lab, or wish to speak with us directly, please don’t hesitate to contact us through phone or email!
(530) 752-1926
Leave us your information in the following contact form and we will contact you to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Our lab is open weekday afternoons and weekends!

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