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UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 2015

Pictured (left to right): Estefania Guerros, Jessica Gee, Julie Huang, Kristie Ly, Christian L'Heureux, Megan Shope

SRCD Biennial Conference 2015 (Philadelphia, PA)

ICPS Convention 2015 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

(Symposium Oral Presentation)

SRA Biennial Conference 2014 (Austin, TX)

Biennial Conference 2013 (Seattle, WA)
SPSP Conference 2013 (New Orleans, LA)

Society of Experimental and Social Psychology 2013 (Berkeley, CA)

(Symposium Oral Presentation)

UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 2013

Kristin Villanueva presenting her poster, "The Effects of Volunteer Characteristics on Positive Youth Development in 4-H Youth"

Alex Bodas presenting her poster, "Do Parents Have Insight into Their Child's Self-Esteem?"

SRA Biennial Conference 2012 (Vancouver, CA)

Secondary Data Analysis Book 

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